The story behind Logiforce

And what inspires us to transform the same old standard leaflet distribution
into your best marketing strategy

It was born in Canterbury, Kent in late 2009, where our head office is still situated even today. Small family business that started of necessity to find work under challenging circumstances. We have withstood the test of time and change. Most importantly we have endured the trial of providing outstanding results required by the hundreds of happy clients, of which a significant majority are our patrons since the first few months of us starting in leaflet distribution.

Perhaps the most profound connection I can find between Logiforce and yourself as our potential or existing customer is that we want to know as much about your business and your motivation as you are looking to find about us.

Our distributors and new starters often ask how our small operations with initial £700 subcontract paid at a meagre rate managed to grow to this business monster. Logiforce has distributed to date over 400 million leaflets and has six branches with three major depots and now covers the whole of England.

I can only see one reason for all that. I read the leaflets I was hired to deliver, from day one, and I still do.

From the moment an order pops on our screen our first task here at Logiforce is to know everything we can about the clients and their business. We seize to exist as Logiforce, and we are now you – your business. Whatever makes you grow – will make us grow. Whoever is your targeted client or audience these are ours too. Moreover, this doesn’t stop with the brilliant and talented guys and ladies we have in our head office here in Kent. Our paperwork, training, monitoring and distribution processes are structured and geared to ensure everyone down the line to the hardworking distributors we handpick, receive the vital information that is needed for every leaflet to reach its goal and to be delivered to the right audience in the right area.

We cannot buy the products or services instead of your clients, we do not make your pricing or your offers, but we do know how to extract every last possible strategy from each leaflet drop. From the way the leaflet is folded and posted in the letterbox, to the areas and dates of distribution, every single aspect is looked at as well as the way the distributors, walk, hold, fold and post your items. Our past achievements and strive for improvement has motivated us to reach even further. We provide you with free online tools that we have developed based on our decade of experience in leaflet distribution, and tens of thousands of individually fulfilled orders. You will maximise your success, and you can point your efforts and time for what matters to you the most – your own business. Marketing and winning clients over are severe enough, and we do not want you to worry about details or waste time in old and obsolete procedures as all other distribution companies use in the way they offer you their services.

We provide you with unique and free forever intelligent web tools and services. You can instantly plan, create and manage leafleting campaigns or access historical data and analyse it automatically.

You will increase your potential, double your productivity and save a lot of your time that you can spend with your family and not working late trying to figure out how to launch and where to execute your door drop.

I am thankful to all the customers that have allowed us to be part of their success by delivering their leaflets and in turn, have helped us grow and expand the contribution Logiforce can offer back to you and everyone else.

I hope you will find our online solutions and management centre useful and that your leafleting campaign will be the same or even more significant success than what we have seen so far. I will also be delighted to discuss every and any need you may need. Myself and all of our team are at your disposal and only one click away right here on this page via our live chat.

Wishing you success to you and your marketing campaign and your business.

Ilko Tsanev
Managing Director

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Facing the facts

Availability and Speed

In the past seven years, we have accepted and completed 95.5% of every booking request submitted to us, with two weeks notice or more. It takes less than 2 hours from sending your order to us for approval.

Results and Productivity

Our blanket coverage results in 95% or higher saturation of the targeted areas, both for Solus and Shared plans. This is 10% above and beyond the adopted standards by the rest of the leaflet distribution companies in the UK. This provides all our clients with increased percentages in both sales and engagement after each distribution campaign. This is on average higher by 1%.

Customer Retention and Happiness

In the past five years, over 85% of our clients are repeat business, with an average of 1.5 to 2.5 million items distributed every month. We have a large number of customers that are with us since our first year in business. Nearly 10% of the clients that have tried our service and then went away have returned to us again and stayed for the past seven years.

Service Reliability and Motivation

More than 50% of our distributors have worked for us five years or longer. Since 2009 more than 25% of the distributors that have left or became inactive has returned to us within three months of going or less.

Technology Advantage

Using our automated booking and reporting system, per campaign our customers have saved on average 5 to 10 hours of their valuable business and personal time, in comparison with a manual planning, management and other types of reporting.

Your leafleting management centre is ready to start working for you now


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Don’t take our word for it



“Logiforce is the best leaflet distribution
company I have ever used.”

"Logiforce are the best leaflet distribution company I have ever used.
They are trustworthy, honest, reliable and cost-effective.

The reports which they send following each campaign help me to verify when
and where the leaflets have been delivered giving me complete confidence
that the work has been completed.

There's always plenty of feedback and communication making
Logiforce very easy to use and any problems are swiftly and efficiently dealt with."

Paul Ashurst
Franchisee, Domino's Pizza



“We are delighted with Logiforce's service.”

"We are delighted with Logiforce's service.
They have been carrying out our leafleting for over a six
years now and offer a reliable, and efficient service
covering a large postcode area at a very competitive price."

Nicholas Rooke
GW Finn & Sons



“They offer a reliable, and efficient service covering a large postcode area at a very competitive price.”

Finn Canterbury



“We do a lot of distribution, around 70000 a week,
every week. Their service and charges are fantastic.”

"Logiforce Ltd, has been distributing menus for my business
for I believe nearly 10 years now. I am a Domino's Pizza Franchisee,
and have been in the business since 1998 and currently own 8 Domino's Pizza
stores in London and the South East.
I have over the years used different distribution companies,
the Royal Mail and for 2 years ran my own distribution teams.
I original trialled Logiforce in a couple of stores and quickly spread to using
them in all my 8 stores. I am very happy with their service, especially
the way in which they report back with specific distribution
information and gps tracking when required. Our internal checks show that their distribution is
excellent. We have also asked them on a number of occasions to target certain difficult to access
areas, and have had tremendous success with it. His team members are also always very helpful.
We do a lot of distribution, around 70000 menus and other promotional material a week, every week.
Our communication is very good and our account manager responds to emails and phone
calls almost immediately. Their service and charges are fantastic and I have recommended him to
many colleagues all of whom are very happy."

Nij Madlani
Domino's Franchisee



“Very happy with service this time.”

"Very happy with service this time. Thank you, we always get people ringing us
if they don't receive their magazine so it is imperative that
the distribution is fast, efficient and accurate."

Catherine Russell Proprietor
The Sandwich Times



“I have used Logiforce in the past for leaflet distribution
and they have always been great!”

"I have used Logiforce in the past for leaflet distribution and they have always been great! Due to Covid-19, we have had volunteers out posting leaflets in our area and I was really struggling with finding the boundaries. Ilko kindly directed me to this system which has made my life so much easier when planning out the routes and working out the boundaries. Thank you so much!"

Vicky Robinsons, Logiforce Platform User
Ex-Operations Manager Hotcha



“What a fantastic job you have all done.
So far so good they have been very very very busy.”

"Thank you for all the information you have provided me with.
What a fantastic job you have all done, I have spoken to the
Client and so far so good they have been very very very busy.
Saturday started off Excellent and the rest of the week is following suit,
they finish this Saturday 18th April hopefully on a high, I will let you know the outcome.
Please pass on my Thanks on to all your teams.
I will also recommend and pass any other work we get to yourselves in the future.
Many Thanks for all your help."

Kristina Chandler
Chalk Media



“Thank you again for all of your help and promptness”

"All best wishes and thank you again for all of your help and promptness."

Finn’s (1865) Ltd



Why our clients are so happy with us?


Logiforce milestones

Proudly expanding since 2009


First distributions for Asda, Tesco and others.


Logiforce has opened an official office in Canterbury.


Moving to larger depot and office just outside Canterbury. This now becomes our Head Quarters.

March 2011 - FIRST BRANCH

Opened our first branch in Sussex.

March 2011 - NEW BRANCH

Started our branch in Essex and large depot.

March 2011 - NEW BRANCH

Started our branch in Essex and large depot.


Opened our branch in London.

2013 - EXPAND

Expanded with teams and more vans.

2014 - NEW DEPOT

Opened large depot in London and office.


5th Company anniversary and awards.


Opened a new branch in Wiltshire


And laid the road to disrupting the leaflet distribution as business one more time.


Vigorous training of distributors, team leaders and area managers.

June 2016 - EXPAND TEAM

Expanded once again the teams and the fleet of vans.


Launching our new proprietary mobile application for field management of the distribution and instant reporting.


New branch in Birmingham. Achieved global coverage across England.


Launching of new web site and state of the art services for instant and online planning, start and management of any size leaflet distribution across the country.

Grow your own business


Our team

Adrian Enache

Operations manager

With Logiforce since 2015. Expert and control of field operations, training and management of distributors, area managers in all branches. Responsible for the on-time and quality completion of every single distribution.

Alice Olteanu


With Logiforce since 2015. Expert in campaign management and customer service. Committed to help our clients with organizing their campaigns and ensuring reporting is provided to the highest standards.

Ioana Enache


With Logiforce since 2019. Coordinating customer reports and the distribution paperwork.

Nina Tsaneva

Administrative Director

Logiforce founder. Extensive experience in business processes, customer service and administration. Responsible for the organization and day to day running of front and back-end offices, customer support. Responsible for quality control.

Emil Hristov

IT Department

Contracted with Logiforce since 2014. Responsible for overall project management of all IT related business development. Creator of our state of the art CRM system.

Ilko Tsanev

Managing Director

Logiforce founder. Extensive experience in leaflet distribution campaign management. Expert fields include sales, marketing and business development. Most happy when helping others achieve success. Involved in the overall operations and sales.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help great businesses to plan, launch and manage successful leaflet distribution campaigns. We use innovative solutions, technology and pure hard work that allow for growth without an added expense.

Our Core Values

• Contribution and growth

• Innovation and imagination

• Passion for our work

• Precision in our actions

• Respect time

Our Drive

Whatever your business we experience it through the time we are engaged with your leafleting. We get to know many beautiful and great companies, trades and ideas, local or global, brave or beautiful, crazy or life-changing.

Our lives become meaningful when we see your success daily and we are also a part of it.


• Above and Beyond in everything we do

• Sustainability for us and the planet

• Foster good communications

• Know when to compromise

• Foster realistic expectations

• Create, Learn and Share

• Accept new challenges

• Transparency in what we do

• Set goals and achieve them

• Accountability

• Strictly conform to our standards, processes and procedures

• Prioritise your actions based on the goals


Since 2009

Total Leaflets DELIVERED
Unique postal sectors
Total orders

We proud ourselves to be the first within the many and to be at the top as quality service providers of all leaflet distribution companies in the UK and the world.

We base this statement on the many loyal, and happy customers we have won over the years, on the decade of experience we have in organising and managing leaflet distributions across the country.

We have distributed hundreds of millions of printed and other advertising materials to people's homes. Our clients trust us with tens of thousands of individual orders, and we distribute to thousands of postal sectors across the country. We let our clients speak for us, and we are proud to be able to offer continuously high-quality service at competitive prices since 2009.

We are leaders in the leaflet distribution, and we were the pioneers of the use of wearable GPS technology back in early 2010, and we were the main influencers for all other leaflet distribution companies across the United Kingdom and their use of GPS tracking to ensure the quality of the service and transparency.

Check out our historical account with published GPS tracking reports since early 2010


Featured in Purbeck Gazette

Proud to be distributing Purbeck Gazette this week - an excellent source of local news and events! And they feature us for free each month!!

Logiforce distribution teamsdeliver the Purbeck Gazette to you each month, literally dashing around thousands of homes and businesses over a few mad days, whatever the weather. 180 copies are delivered per hour by each individual distributor, no doubt keeping them very fit.
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Timesheet Mobile Blog

How Mobile Timekeeping Delivers Major Savings for a Leading Leaflet Distributor

While it may be considered an "old school" means of communication, door-to-door leaflet distribution is still a highly effective method of marketing in the U.K. In fact, according to the Direct Marketing Association in London, receiving a mailing at your door seems to have a significant impact on consumers – with 89% of them recalling having received a leaflet or flyer at their home.
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5 Year anniversary

Nothing can stop us

Logiforce depot upgrade

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