Shared Distribution

With GPS tracking and online planning and control

Your leaflet or other printed material or advertisement reaches the audience directly in their letterbox with other non-competitive
items, maximum up to three in a delivery.

How will your Shared Distribution help me?

Choosing a shared plan as a form of marketing and advertisement is a proven way amongst the biggest and the smallest brands in the UK to quickly and economically capture new clients and audience for your products and services.

Do you have an online management portal?

Yes, Logiforce offers you comprehensive and proprietary online solutions and management centre unlike no other company and you can control and plan all of your leafleting campaigns including bulk imports, reporting and planning tools.

Can I order design and print of my leaflets from your website?

We offer a professionally designed and highly customisable brochures

Alternatively, you can consult and use the services of our highly talented and expedient graphics and web designer

We provide options for printing as well at extremely competitive rates

Print and design services are only available as part of our leaflet distribution service

Why should I choose you and not another company?

With a decade of experience and hundreds of millions of distributed leaflets, you cannot go wrong.

Our rates are highly competitive, and we offer many free additional services and benefits for every client right here on our website.

No other leaflet distribution company in the UK provides such a comprehensive list of services and the ability to plan, launch and manage all aspects of your leafleting campaign with additional tools for targeting clients and tracking the results.

Our customer service is impeccable, and we guarantee your satisfaction in our T&C’s.

Talk to us directly now using our live chat (in business hours), and we will be happy to explain more

Is this right for me?

If you are a business, service or a trader of any kind, or a local authority, a publisher, a charity or any other type of organisation that has a target audience, you will benefit greatly from using our Shared Distribution service on its own or in combination with all your other marketing and advertising strategies.

The Shared Distribution is our most popular advertisement service with the same standards as Solus Delivery.

The Shared Distribution service is suitable for regular marketing campaigns within highly competitive markets, which will provide consistent and equal exposure throughout the marketing year and across larger geographical areas.

Most of our Shared Distribution clients that choose this service ask us to deliver for them every week of the year.

How can I be sure that my leaflets will reach the door?

Our extensive years of experience have taught us to use comprehensive quality controls and training to all our distributors.

We use simultaneously two types of on-person GPS tracking, a live tracking system and a GPS data logger as a backup. Our tracking system shows the distribution door to door, as well as provides you with a graph that shows the speed versus time for each track, and this enables you with a single glance to verify that the distributors walked and stopped at each door. You will be able to see examples of these from within our client portal, once you sign up.

We have numerous other procedures that ensure the quality of the work

Please check our Services FAQ for more

How does it work?

You can plan, organise, order and manage any size Shared Distribution directly on our website, using our proprietary web tools, software and data intelligence to create leaflet distributions that are blanket coverage to any area in England or highly targeted deliveries that use demographic data for a more specific audience.

Our user-friendly wizard will identify your needs and will provide you with quantities, maps, and other key metrics to decide on your leafleting.

Alternatively, you can submit your data, either manually or by importing it directly into our system from your existing data, using a highly customisable template that we provide

You will also receive an instant quote directly at the time of booking.

Get instant quote here

Average time needed: 5 to 10 minutes


In just a few clicks your booking will be planned and accepted.

With us, you get a decade of expertise.

Hundreds of happy clients and hundreds of millions of leaflets delivered.

Instant quotes.


Customer satisfaction guaranteed in our T&C’s

Try our lightning-fast service now.

You don’t pay for anything before you get your campaigns planned, booked and approved.

It saves you time

Wizard to help you achieve better audience targeting

Instant quotes, reports and reliability

GPS tracking

Daily and weekly delivery reports

Your account manager on standby

Live chat, online and telephone support

Track your results using our free and intuitive software

Receive beautiful, easy to understand automated reports based on the past campaigns that show you your expenses and profit or productivity results

Bulk and automated booking and management

Control many businesses from one central account


Assign additional users and roles – marketing managers, sales staff, bookkeepers, sub-client accounts and others

Use in-house leaflet design and printing or use your own

Keep all your leafleting campaign paperwork, artwork, reports and documents in one centralised, secure location for as long as you are a regular client and access online at anytime

Ability to download all your data after each distribution order is approved

Instant email and web notifications and messaging with your team and our customer service

Plan your shared campaign free here

Average time needed: 5 to 10 minutes


Don’t take our word for it



“Logiforce is the best leaflet distribution
company I have ever used.”

"Logiforce are the best leaflet distribution company I have ever used.
They are trustworthy, honest, reliable and cost-effective.

The reports which they send following each campaign help me to verify when
and where the leaflets have been delivered giving me complete confidence
that the work has been completed.

There's always plenty of feedback and communication making
Logiforce very easy to use and any problems are swiftly and efficiently dealt with."

Paul Ashurst
Franchisee, Domino's Pizza



“We are delighted with Logiforce's service.”

"We are delighted with Logiforce's service.
They have been carrying out our leafleting for over a six
years now and offer a reliable, and efficient service
covering a large postcode area at a very competitive price."

Nicholas Rooke
GW Finn & Sons



“They offer a reliable, and efficient service covering a large postcode area at a very competitive price.”

Finn Canterbury



“We do a lot of distribution, around 70000 a week,
every week. Their service and charges are fantastic.”

"Logiforce, has been distributing menus for my business
for I believe nearly 10 years now. I am a Domino's Pizza Franchisee,
and have been in the business since 1998 and currently own 8 Domino's Pizza
stores in London and the South East.
I have over the years used different distribution companies,
the Royal Mail and for 2 years ran my own distribution teams.
I original trialled Logiforce in a couple of stores and quickly spread to using
them in all my 8 stores. I am very happy with their service, especially
the way in which they report back with specific distribution
information and gps tracking when required. Our internal checks show that their distribution is
excellent. We have also asked them on a number of occasions to target certain difficult to access
areas, and have had tremendous success with it. His team members are also always very helpful.
We do a lot of distribution, around 70000 menus and other promotional material a week, every week.
Our communication is very good and our account manager responds to emails and phone
calls almost immediately. Their service and charges are fantastic and I have recommended him to
many colleagues all of whom are very happy."

Nij Madlani
Domino's Franchisee



“Very happy with service this time.”

"Very happy with service this time. Thank you, we always get people ringing us
if they don't receive their magazine so it is imperative that
the distribution is fast, efficient and accurate."

Catherine Russell Proprietor
The Sandwich Times



“I have used Logiforce in the past for leaflet distribution
and they have always been great!”

"I have used Logiforce in the past for leaflet distribution and they have always been great! Due to Covid-19, we have had volunteers out posting leaflets in our area and I was really struggling with finding the boundaries. Ilko kindly directed me to this system which has made my life so much easier when planning out the routes and working out the boundaries. Thank you so much!"

Vicky Robinsons, Logiforce Platform User
Ex-Operations Manager Hotcha



“What a fantastic job you have all done.
So far so good they have been very very very busy.”

"Thank you for all the information you have provided me with.
What a fantastic job you have all done, I have spoken to the
Client and so far so good they have been very very very busy.
Saturday started off Excellent and the rest of the week is following suit,
they finish this Saturday 18th April hopefully on a high, I will let you know the outcome.
Please pass on my Thanks on to all your teams.
I will also recommend and pass any other work we get to yourselves in the future.
Many Thanks for all your help."

Kristina Chandler
Chalk Media



“Thank you again for all of your help and promptness”

"All best wishes and thank you again for all of your help and promptness."

Finn’s (1865) Ltd