Franchise group increases sales by 50%

Domino’s Pizza multiple franchisee uses strategic leaflet distribution to drive business success.

Client Profile: Domino’s Pizza franchisee with eleven stores in the UK.

Logiforce customer for nine years with an ongoing 50-weeks a year leafleting campaign on a Shared Distribution Plan.

Mr Nij Madlani is the Managing Director and owner of eleven thriving Domino’s Pizza franchises across Essex, London and Kent. With twenty years of experience and three hundred and sixty employees across the South East and East Anglia, Mr Madlani is one of the most successful franchisees in the country.

On average, the company group distributes nearly sixty thousand menus and other promotional materials almost every week of the year. That's an impressive three million plus leaflet drops per year.

The Challenge

Before signing up with Logiforce, Mr Madlani struggled to find a leafleting company that provided a measurable, reliable distribution service, even tried to organise his own leafleting teams in-house. The leaflets often didn't reach the customers’ doors

“My main issues were two things", says Mr Madlani,

“The reliability of external distribution companies - and later my in-house distributors - and the time it took to check on distribution and get feedback from residents.”

After several disappointments with local and national leaflet distributors, Mr Madlani was forced to organise the leafleting himself. However, it was time-consuming and a heavy administrative burden, especially with a growing business.

The Solution
“The flexibility offered on the reporting was excellent.”

When Mr Madlani found the Logiforce web site in 2010, he had precise demands about reporting and measuring the success of each leaflet drop. He decided to start with a trial period of four months for only three of his shops in Kent, where he was struggling the most.

To meet his demands, Logiforce provided him with flexible options:

Pre-distribution and post-distribution reports on a weekly basis.
GPS tracking that proved the delivery was door to door.
Strategic schedules of distribution for every store.
Reducing the numbers distributed per week, but increasing the frequency of the distributions.
A dedicated account manager, always available to answer questions or deal with any issues.

After the trial period, the results showed a substantial increase in sales and orders for offers available only with distributed menus.

The four months trial offered actionable data and Logiforce was able to advise on schedule changes and an improved approach for each individual area. Mr Madlani has implemented a new leaflet distribution strategy across all his stores, to which he attributes his strong results.

“Within the first three to four months, the results were fantastic and showed an immediate increase in sales and orders for the specific offers distributed.”

In the long term, Nij Madlani’s companies have reported more significant benefits:

The adopted cycle of leafleting, where one-third of the territory receives a leaflet once every three weeks, offers higher and a more even sales graph between the peaks and troughs of measured sales periods.
A consistent increase of sales each year at over 50% above the national Domino's Pizza sales figures compared with franchisees using other leafleting services.
Ability to maintain a well-trained and experienced staff due to an even distribution of sales throughout the year.
Estimated management time saved in nine years leafleting with Logiforce: 1872 hours

For a successful leaflet distribution campaign Mr Madlani recommends new customers:

Discuss a distribution schedule with your account manager at Logiforce;
A one-off leaflet distribution doesn’t always give good results;
Trial Logiforce for at least six to eight weeks of constant door drops to see results.

“Logiforce is a very reliable leaflet distribution company with excellent service, excellent reporting, and I would thoroughly recommend them.”

Mr Nij Madlani,
Domino's Pizza franchisee, nine years with Logiforce

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“If a publication is not seen, companies will not pay to place an advertisement.”

How a local monthly magazine boosts the market with reliable delivery

The Client
Purbeck Media Ltd., Logiforce client for 4 years on monthly solus delivery plan

Purbeck Media Ltd. is the publisher of the principle local newspaper for the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. The Purbeck Gazette is a free monthly magazine covering local news, including events, business, arts, entertainment, sport, health and environment. The magazine prints 20, 000 copies every month, which are delivered to an audience of approximately 50, 000. The Gazette has built a large and loyal readership, looking forward to receiving their copy on time every week.

The Problem
“Unlike leaflet delivery, when you're delivering a local newspaper, readers expect it to come through the door and complain when they don't get one.”

Purbeck Media had been in business for some time and running its own in-house distribution. However, as the number of subscribers grew, hiring local staff got more difficult and delivery became unreliable.

Having tried a local leaflet distribution company and received several phone calls from readers that hadn’t received their magazine, Purbeck Media searched for a national distributor. Unfortunately, most companies were not willing to accept a regular monthly distribution of an 80-page A4 print. In addition, Purbeck needed a company that understood the specifics of rural distribution and could arrange scheduled delivery to get the best spread of distribution.

The Solution
“Logiforce was very organised and clearly understood the area we wanted to cover. They were able to advise on the best villages and towns to distribute our publication in order to get the maximum value.”

From the first call, Logiforce understood what Purbeck Media needed and were able to offer a credible and measurable delivery over the long term.

Although it is now standard, GPS tracking was used specifically to track the workforce and to give actionable insights about optimisation and better targeting.

Being able to adhere to a very specific timeframe and schedule was vital for this client, even during holidays and Christmas time. Logiforce have been able to meet all Purbeck Media’s requirements over the last four years.

“Logiforce enabled us to stay in business and grow as a company. Since we started working with them, the service has been organised and reliable, meaning businesses and advertisers can trust in advertising with us.”

Immediate business result: 12% increase of advertising revenue.

A one-off leaflet distribution doesn’t always give good results;

A few added value results:

The residents are happy that they can rely on their delivery
Monthly on-time delivery, even during Christmas
Enhanced reputation of Purbeck Media across target audiences

“Logiforce are a hard-working company who understands distribution works to the clients' specifications and takes pride in their work no matter where they are in the country”

Mrs. Nico Johnson,
Director of Purbeck Media Ltd

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Reviews from other clients

“Logiforce is the best leaflet distribution company I have ever used.”

"Logiforce are the best leaflet distribution company I have ever used. They are trustworthy, honest, reliable and cost-effective.
The reports which they send following each campaign help me to verify when and where the leaflets have been delivered giving me complete confidence that the work has been completed.
There's always plenty of feedback and communication making Logiforce very easy to use and any problems are swiftly and efficiently dealt with."

Paul Ashurst
Franchisee, Domino's Pizza

“We are delighted with Logiforce's service.”

"We are delighted with Logiforce's service. They have been carrying out our leafleting for over a six years now and offer a reliable, and efficient service covering a large postcode area at a very competitive price."

Nicholas Rooke
GW Finn & Sons

“They offer a reliable, and efficient service covering a large postcode area at a very competitive price.”

Finn Canterbury

“We do a lot of distribution, around 70000 a week, every week. Their service and charges are fantastic.”

"Logiforce, has been distributing menus for my business for I believe nearly 10 years now. I am a Domino's Pizza Franchisee, and have been in the business since 1998 and currently own 8 Domino's Pizza stores in London and the South East. I have over the years used different distribution companies, the Royal Mail and for 2 years ran my own distribution teams. I original trialled Logiforce in a couple of stores and quickly spread to using them in all my 8 stores. I am very happy with their service, especially the way in which they report back with specific distribution information and gps tracking when required. Our internal checks show that their distribution is excellent. We have also asked them on a number of occasions to target certain difficult to access areas, and have had tremendous success with it. His team members are also always very helpful. We do a lot of distribution, around 70000 menus and other promotional material a week, every week. Our communication is very good and our account manager responds to emails and phone calls almost immediately. Their service and charges are fantastic and I have recommended him to many colleagues all of whom are very happy."

Nij Madlani
Domino's Franchisee

“Very happy with service this time.”

"Very happy with service this time. Thank you, we always get people ringing us if they don't receive their magazine so it is imperative that the distribution is fast, efficient and accurate."

Catherine Russell Proprietor
The Sandwich Times

“I have used Logiforce in the past for leaflet distribution
and they have always been great!”

"I have used Logiforce in the past for leaflet distribution and they have always been great! Due to Covid-19, we have had volunteers out posting leaflets in our area and I was really struggling with finding the boundaries. Ilko kindly directed me to this system which has made my life so much easier when planning out the routes and working out the boundaries. Thank you so much!"

Vicky Robinsons, Logiforce Platform User
Ex-Operations Manager Hotcha

“What a fantastic job you have all done. So far so good they have been very very very busy.”

"Thank you for all the information you have provided me with. What a fantastic job you have all done, I have spoken to the Client and so far so good they have been very very very busy. Saturday started off Excellent and the rest of the week is following suit, they finish this Saturday 18th April hopefully on a high, I will let you know the outcome. Please pass on my Thanks on to all your teams. I will also recommend and pass any other work we get to yourselves in the future. Many Thanks for all your help."

Kristina Chandler
Chalk Media

“Thank you again for all of your help and promptness”

"All best wishes and thank you again for all of your help and promptness."

Finn’s (1865) Ltd