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Your success drives us out of bed since 2009. Our web tools will help you plan, launch and manage the perfect distribution of any size and we can also do the door drops for you.

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Our teams are experienced and motivated to achieve success for your business providing professional distribution

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Logiforce offers you a state of the art CRM providing easy and reliable planning, booking, distribution and reporting process.

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Whatever your business we experience it through the time we are engaged with your leafleting,
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Short notice - 2 weeks or less.
Average completion 7 to 10 days.
We maintain highly
competitive rates.
Proprietory software
for live GPS tracking.

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Helping you organise your campaign and deliver your leaflets professionally makes us part of the remarkable stories you tell your audience through your material. We value the chance to share these with the public on your behalf.


With GPS tracking and online planning and control
The Shared Distribution is our most popular
advertisement service with the same
standards as Solus Delivery. Your leaflet or
other printed material or advertisement
reaches the audience with other
non-competitive items, maximum up to three in a delivery.


With GPS tracking and online planning and control
Choosing our Solus Delivery service, your audience will receive your leaflet or other advertising or printed material on its own, to maximise the potential of your leaflet distribution campaign.


With GPS tracking and online planning and control
The Sample Distribution is an even better way to win customers over. Your product samples will go directly to your potential customers’ letterbox.


Available via our Solutions and Management Centre
Using our intuitive solutions and management centre, you can opt for letting us arrange the print or design of your leaflets before your leaflet distribution.

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